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Emergency Services

Fire Marshal
Fire & Rescue

Pickens County E-911

1266 East Church Street, Suite 180
Jasper, GA 30143

Emergency: 911
706-253-8911 non-emergency
706-253-8949 fax

Pickens County E-911 actually encompasses three distinct departments all accessed by dialing 911:

  • E911 – Emergency Services Communication System
  • E.M.S. – Emergency Medical Services
  • E.M.A. – Emergency Management Agency

Kristy Easterwood
9-1-1 Director

706-253-8945 phone
706-253-8949 fax

After several decades of use, the federal government established 9-1-1 as a universal emergency number for the nation in 1973. E-911 is the access point for all the county’s emergency services, including:

  • Pickens County Sheriff’s Department
  • Pickens County E.M.S. – Emergency Medical Services
  • City of Jasper Police
  • City of Jasper Fire
  • Bent Tree Fire
  • Big Canoe Fire
  • Pickens County Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Pickens County Road Department – during emergencies
  • Pickens County E.M.A. – Emergency Management Agency

E-911 Open Records Request

Tapes are archived for 3 years. Request for copies of any tape over 3 years may not be available. There is a charge for the cost of the tape if a tape copy is requested and .10 cents per copy of any log or printed record. There is also a charge for employee’s time ($20.00 per hour) if retrieval/copying exceeds 15 minutes.

Please return the form to:

Kristy Easterwood
Operations Chief

Pickens County 9-1-1
1266 East Church Street, Suite 460
Jasper, GA 30143

706-253-8945 phone
706-253-8949 fax
[email protected]

Copying and/or administrative costs incurred may include copying charge of $.10 per page and administrative charges for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs.

Such administrative charges not to exceed the salary of the lowest-paid full-time employee who, in the discretion of the custodian of the records, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request.

The requester is not charged for the first fifteen minutes of time.

911 Addressing FAQs

9-1-1 Addresses are assigned at the time a building permit is issued. When you apply for the permit in the Planning and Development Office, they will contact the 9-1-1 Addressing Department. They will need a copy of the plat with your driveway location marked.

Numerics are assigned based on the distance from the beginning of the road to the driveway. Odd numbers are on the left, even on the right. The beginning of the road or the end of the road closest to the county seat (County Courthouse) is where the addresses will begin. The addresses are then a measurement based on 5.280’ being a potential address. An address of 1000 Any Street lets responders and those looking for the residence that it should be exactly one mile on the right side of the road.

If there is already a residence on the property the 9-1-1 should already be on file, and can be confirmed by contacting 9-1-1 addressing at 706-253-8945 or [email protected]. Vacant land that has never had a residence on it will not have a 9-1-1 address already assigned. We do not assign vacant land addresses until a permit of some type is applied for.

In recent years, we have began assigning addresses to all structures that are permitted. With technology advances, utility companies are requiring 9-1-1 addresses for each structure to connect power, phone/internet etc, so we issue at time of permitting in case it’s ever requested in the future.
Pickens County has current mapping and GIS data readily available for these companies free of charge. It is the responsibility of those agencies to update their database with our provided information. If you have additional questions, please contact the customer service department of the corresponding agency.
Pickens County 9-1-1 Addressing sends regular updates to both local and district Postal Offices. However, mail services such as UPS and FedEx are responsible for contacting the Postal Service for those updated databases.
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Pickens County Emergency Management Agency

Mark Harris
EMA Director
[email protected] email

Main Office
1266 East Church Street
Jasper, Georgia 30143

706-253-8954 office
706-253-8049 fax

As part of the Office of Homeland Security, E.M.A. – Emergency Management Agency is the local arm of:

E.M.A. is responsible for declared disasters and goes into action whenever the routine emergency services are unable to adequately respond – mobilizing available local, state, and federal resources.

Access to E.M.A. is also reached through the 911 system.

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Pickens County Fire Marshal

Main Office
1266 East Church Street
Jasper, GA  30143

Shane Callahan
Fire Marshal
[email protected] email

706-253-8891 phone

Fire Marshal Permits & Fireworks Displays

The submittal process for an Outdoor Fireworks Display in Pickens County is through the Pickens County Probate Court.

A site inspection is required by the Pickens County Fire Marshal’s Office prior to the event or festival fireworks display.

Click here for the following items to be reviewed for Fireworks Display Site Inspection (pdf)

Fire Marshal Inspections & Business Licenses

Business Licenses are required for all businesses operating with the unincorporated areas of Pickens County.

Business License Inspections are required to be performed by inspectors from the Fire Marshal’s Office as well as from the Building Department and Environmental Health Department (if applicable).

Click here info on the Pickens County Fire Marshal Inspections & Business License (pdf)

Fire Marshal Inspections & Construction

The Pickens County Fire Marshal’s Office conducts construction inspections to ensure compliance with fire and life safety requirements.

Click here for the types of inspections performed by fire inspectors (pdf)

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Photo of Pickens County Georgia emergency vehicles at a fire and rescue department

Pickens County Fire & Rescue

Tim Prather
Fire Chief

Main Office
1266 East Church Street
Jasper, GA  30143

706-253-8944 phone
706-253-9002 fax

You may take the form to our office or send electronically:

706-253-9002 fax
[email protected] email

The county may impose a reasonable administrative charge for the search, retrieval, redaction and copying costs for the production of records pursuant to The Georgia Open Records Act 50-18-71(c)(1). If the estimate to produce the records is $25.00 or more, you will be notified in advance for approval. If under 25.00, compilation will begin immediately and you be responsible for any fees incurred.

Fire & Resccue Open Records Request

All requests for reports must be submitted in writing. Requests must include the date and address of the incident location for a Fire Report and should include the patient’s name for PCR Reports. Any other report or record request must be specific.

Please return the form to:

1266 East Church Street
Jasper, GA 30143

706-253-8944 phone
706-253-9002 fax

[email protected]

All record requests will be subject to a replication fee of 10 cents per page copied with a research fee equal to the hourly rate of the lowest paid person qualified to research the request after the first quarter hour. O.C.G.A.50.18.71.(c)(d).

The requested report, record, summaries or compilations must be in existence at the time of the request.

Pickens County Fire Department

Station 10
2996 Monument Road
Jasper, Ga 30143

Station 11
422 Upper Salem Church Road
Jasper, GA 30143
phone: 706-253–8951

Station 12
1771 Carlan Road
Jasper, GA 30143

Station 5-1
5346 Grandview Road
Jasper, GA 30143

Station 5-2
3764 Cove Road
Jasper, GA 30143

Tate Fire Department

Station 2
58 Worley Crossroads
Jasper, GA 30143

Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Jerry Edwards

Station 6
9273 Hwy 53
West Jasper, GA 30143

Talking Rock Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Larry Keener

Station 7
4675 Hwy 136
West Talking Rock, GA 30175

Bethany Salem Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Kristy Easterwood

Station 8-1
200 Henderson Mountain Road
Jasper, GA 30143

Station 8-2
893 Pettit Road
Jasper, GA 30143

Yellow Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Cane Smith

Station 9
1067 Yellow Creek Road
North Ball Ground, GA 30107

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